Special 5MF NaNoWriMo Edition – Week 2

Winning Entry (TIED with Jeff Pfaller)

Prompt: Your Main Character finds a painting of himself/herself.


Penelope Price stopped dead in her tracks.  The echo of her heels coming to an abrupt halt, much to the relief of the visitors around her.

Having almost an unlimited source of money and a black hole where her scruples were supposed to sit, makes for an interesting time traveler.

The plans she had made were all working quite well, thank you very much.

It was the little things–the unexpected things—that were a direct result of her meddling with the fabric of time/space that always shocked her.

She stared at her discovery.

She was meeting her contact with a line into Mussolini’s new government.  Penelope was about to close a deal to sell the 20th century dictator microchip technology.  

“It must have been a side journey,” she thought.

The little Italian weasel of a go-between–Carducci—had insisted on meeting somewhere public.

Three years ago, she thought.  That mistake with the time settings.  She though she’d left before anyone noticed.

But obviously not.  She began to laugh.

The Sistine Chapel in Rome was as public a place as any.

And there, on the ceiling, was a perfect representation of Penelope…in her 1930’s costume.


“Michelangelo, you old dog!” she said.

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