Has anyone seen my muse?

Xanadu-Olivia-Newton-John-Michael-Beck-2_large“I’m a muse.”

“I’m glad someone thinks this is funny.”

“No. A MUSE….”

You know it’s gonna be weird when I paraphrase Xanadu.

Since January, I’ve been consulting part time and writing. The last few months have been especially tough. More so, since my own personal muse seems to have gone on extended holiday.

Along with book 2 of The Arcana Chronicles (I’ve outlined through book five, BTW), I’ve been working on a super-secret SciFi trilogy, and am beginning character development on something that could be a very cool collaboration with writer Emmett Spain.

But most of the words coming from my keyboard have been crap.

Or online job applications.

jim-ignatowski-picThe interview process has been slow…I have a few great leads and potential opportunities…but I feel like I’m watching that episode of Taxi—you know the one, where Jim Ignatowsky played by the wonderful Christopher Lloyd is taking his drivers test and asks for help on the first question:

“What does a yellow light mean?” asks Jim.

“Slow down.”

“Okay. Whaaaat. Doooooes. Aaaaaaa. Yeeeeelloooow. Liiiiight. Meeeeaaan.”

That’s exactly what waiting for job follow-up and feedback is like.

Something will pop soon. I’m certain of it.

This waiting thing is playing havoc with my writing. The stress of not knowing what I’ll be doing is making me a bit crazy.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m lucky in the fact that my partner has a great job and is covering the household bills for the time being. And she is so unbelievably supportive of me in every way. I’m truly blessed.

I’m one of these weird people who like to work. Would I love to be a writer fulltime? Absolutely. Maybe someday that will be my “day job.”

But for now—for right now, I want to get back into the game full time.

Because when I work, I’m happy. And when I’m happy, maybe that fickle bitch I call my muse will come back from holiday.




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