The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – Schedule

mmblogtourThe Magical Mystery Blog tour tentative schedule!

I announced a few days ago that I wanted to do a blog tour for the upcoming release for book one of The Arcana Chronicles: The Prodigal’s Foole.

It was one of those things that I thought “This could be loads of fun,” so I tossed the idea out there to see if it would stick.

I was overjoyed, humbled and extraordinarily pleased at the response. Every slot I had, plus a few extra were filled within a couple of hours.

The schedule is subject to change, but for your reading pleasure and as a way to say thank you to the participants, here is the schedule as of this morning:


15-Oct            Lakisha Spletzer

16-Oct            Lakisha Spletzer – Part 2

17-Oct            Monica Marier

19-Oct            Suzy Turner

21-Oct            Shay Fabbro

23-Oct            Bill Kirton

25-Oct            Christopher Blanchard

27-Oct            Steve Umstead

29-Oct            LM Stull

30-Oct            Eden Baylee

31-Oct            Leah Petersen

1-Nov             5MINUTEFICTION Judge

2-Nov             Emmett Spain

3-Nov             Leah Petersen – Part 2

4-Nov             Al Boudreau

6-Nov             Sessha Batto

8-Nov             K. Victoria Smith

10-Nov           Matthew Munson

12-Nov           Patti Larsen

14-Nov           Jonathan Gould

16-Nov           JD Robinson


What will these wonderful folks be doing to win the blog tour prizes? Well, I have to hold onto a few mysteries, don’t I? You’ll just have to watch this space to find out.

This should be loads of fun, and expect to see payback as I host these fantastic folks awhen their own literary works become available. In fact, next week will be STEVE UMSTEAD week. Stay tuned for content and a special edition of The Word Count podcast in celebration!




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