Look ahead-The Magical Mystery Blog Tour Week One!

I’m getting SO excited!

The Prodigal’s Foole comes out (as of this writing) in only SEVENTEEN DAYS!

In celebration for the release of my first novel, beginning this weekend I’ll be kicking-off the “Magical Mystery Blog Tour!”

Beginning on the 15th of October, I’ll be wandering around various websites of fellow authors and friends.  They’ll be interviews, pre-release riews of the book, vLogs, Blogs and all sorts of fun activities.  I hope you’ll wander the internet with me as this vitual tour commenses!

Week One Look ahead:

15-Oct  Lakisha Spletzer   http://innermuse.kishazworld.com — vlog

16-Oct Lakisha Spletzer-Part 2   http://indieauthor-howto.blogspot.com — Guest Character post

17-Oct Monica Marier http://monicamarier.blogspot.com/ — Interview/review

19-Oct Suzy Turner http://suzyturner.blogspot.com — Interview and excerpt

21-Oct Shay Fabbro http://shayfabbro.com — Interview

Thanks to all who are participating!

In the meantime, in case you missed it, here is the trailer for The Prodigal’s Foole:





Submissions for the Second Annual HALLOWEEN SPECIAL-The Word Count Podcast

six_spooky_pumpkins_1538It’s time, fellow ghouls, ghosties and unspeakable beasties!

Yes, submissions are now open for 


We’ll leave submissions open for longer this time as I’m looking for a lucky THIRTEEN Submissions for this most scary of holidays!

Recordings are due to me be FRIDAY EVENING, MIDNIGHT EASTERN, October 28th

That’s three days before Halloween and the launch of my first novel, The Prodigal’s Foole.

In celebration of the holiday AND the launch, here are the guidelines:


Submission Guidelines (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

PROMPT: Halloween (Monster story, Ghost Story, Scary story – Your Choice!).  Must use any or all of the following words somewhere in the story: “Prodigal,” “Foole,” “Arcana,” and/or “Chronicles.”


DEADLINE: I must receive your submission by MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) Friday 28th October 2011

THE DETAILS:The work must be an original of yours. It could be a poem, short story, song—anything really as long as you write something based on the stated theme (Halloween (Monster story, Ghost Story, Scary story – Your Choice!).  Must use any or all of the following words somewhere in the story: “Prodigal,” “Foole,” “Arcana,” and/or “Chronicles.”).  Do NOT exceed ten minutes.  As this is a podcast, I need to receive a file of YOU, a friend or multiple friends reading (singing or otherwise performing) your work. MP3 FORMAT, please attach your MP3 file to an e-mail. The e-mail should also contain the following:

  • Your pen name
  • Your bio
  • Links to your websites
  • Your Twitter name (if you have one)
  • A photo I can use for the show notes
  • Permission to use your recording in the podcast
  • At the end of the recording, please add the following: “The is <YOUR NAME> author of <YOUR WORK(s)> and you’re listing to The Word Count Podcast HALLOWEEN SPECIAL”

Send your file to me@rbwood.com by Friday the 28th of October. You can also e-mail me with questions before hand. I do reserve the right NOT to post your submission, but will communicate that to you should it be the case. I add the ‘Explicit’ tag to the ‘cast, so if your story uses adult themes or language that’s ok—but it should be necessary for the story.



The Word Count Episode 19 is now LIVE!

Welcome to Episode 19 of “The Word Count” podcast!

This week’s show is based on the quote “The only difference between a madman and me is that I’m not mad

Links to the show:

Direct: http://thewordcount.libsyn.com/webpage

iTunes (and remember, iTunes takes their sweet time in posting.  If you don’t see it yet, keep trying!): http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-word-count/id392550989

Our guests this week:


Bill Kirton has been a university lecturer, presented TV programmes, written and performed songs and sketches at the Edinburgh Festival, and had many radio plays broadcast by the BBC and the Australian BC. He’s written three books on study and writing skills in Pearson’s ‘Brilliant’ series and his crime novels, Material Evidence, Rough Justice, The Darkness, Shadow Selves and the historical novel The Figurehead, set in Aberdeen in 1840, have been published in the UK and USA. His short stories have appeared in several anthologies and Love Hurts was chosen for the Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 2010. He’s also published the first of a series of children’s stories called Stanley Moves In. 


Website: http://www.bill-kirton.co.uk 

Blog:  http://livingwritingandotherstuff.blogspot.com/ 

Twitter name: @carver22


pennerphotoAUBRA PENNER

Aubra is a fantasy writer, world traveler, and all-round glutton for punishment. She’s currently sending everything over the wires from St. Petersburg, Russia, where she’s trying to fix her terrible American accent and learning to eat mayonnaise on everything.


Travel blog: http://uptheglasshill.com

Fantasy serial: http://thesealiesafterdeath.com

Twitter name: @aubrapenner


Kadin Seton is currently working on the science fiction series “Descent Into Darkness” and hopes to have the first book available by the end of the year. 

Twitter Name: @kadinseton




C. Thomas Smith is just starting out into the big bad world and this is only my second submission of any kind (a short story titled “Sinnerman” on www.write4all.ie under the name Krstvr being the other). I’ve written two novels this year, Godkiller (122000 Words) & Tale (100000 Words). And I hope to hone my craft to the point where others enjoy the stories in my head as much as I do. 

Twitter Name: @KRSTVR



eb_newweb_picEDEN BAYLEE

Eden writes erotica incorporating all her favorite things: travel; culture; and sex. She enjoys weaving together stories with edgy themes, and sex is but one way to do it. Her first book, Fall into Winter, a collection of four erotic novellas, is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites located on her website. 
She is now working on her follow up anthology entitled Spring into Summer.Connect with her via her Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Website:  www.edenbaylee.com

Twitter name:  @edenbaylee

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edenbaylee