Re-Launch Day!

TheProdigalsFoole_KindleRe-Launch Day!


So, after a short break, the first book of The Arcana Chronicles is back on the virtual shelves.

The Prodigal’s Foole has a brand-spankin’ new cover drawn by the talented Kip Ayers. Take a look at some of his other work and you’ll see why I chose this up-and-coming artist.

And next month he’ll begin work on the cover for book two!

But today is for book one, and there are a few goodies for you my fine sinners! To wit:


  • There is a giveaway (pending approval) of three copies via Goodreads.
  • I’m hosting a virtual event over on Facebook where the drinks will be flowing all day
  • Later today, the interview I gave to the wonderful folks The Drunken Mermaid will be posted (in the meantime read the past interviews they’ve done, inclusive of there latest with author Leah Petersen)
  • SPEAKING of Leah, later this morning my guest post on her site goes live
  • On Twitter, I’ll be commenting and answering questions via the #THEPRODIGALSFOOLE hash tag


So reach out via twitter, or comments on the site. I’d Love to hear from you!






“GREAT RIDE! Loved reading it. Couldn’t put it down!” —Patricia Tallman, Writer, Stunt Woman and Actress, Babylon 5

“Demons and magic, shotguns and explosions – Great read!” —Steve Umstead, author of The Evan Gabriel Trilogy

“It started with the bang (the first line is absolutely gripping) and ended with fireworks!” —Mercedes M. Yardley, Shock Totem Magazine

The Prodigal’s Foole is a ripping good action tale.” —Deviant Art Review

“R. B. Wood has filled every inch of his vast canvas with gripping reverses of fortune and a narrative that blends the most disparate elements with great skill and verve.”—Bill Kirton, author of the Jack Carston Series


Guest Post: The Meaning of Life and Other Minutia


<Scanning the comments for people who got the reference.>

OK, silliness aside, it’s a good thing to ponder. It’s a thing I doubt anyone will ever NOT ponder. Isn’t that what religion, science, and philosophy have been about for the last however long it’s been since mankind first had a rational thought in its collective head? (Though there remains some doubt as to whether this has truly ever happened or not.)

So it’s not like I’m going to present you with an answer here. But I’ve been musings on the subject recently as the release of my debut novel, FIGHTING GRAVITY got closer and closer.

I was never a terribly ambitious person. I liked life and I was relatively good at it, so I just enjoyed it as it came and didn’t put much thought into why. I had things and people that were important to me, sure. But beyond getting married and having kids, my life goals pretty much amounted to maintaining the status quo and being happy along the way.

Being a published author wasn’t even a consideration. I wrote, but only because I liked doing it. I didn’t share it with anyone else.

Until I did. Somewhere along the way, a few years ago, I discovered that I had a story that I really wanted to share with others. I wanted them to read it and be as excited about it as I had been while creating it. The way to achieve this was to get it published. So with that in mind, I started the research and the work that brought me here, to the release of my first book. I don’t regret this at all.

But it’s made me think about all that time I was happy enough without this in my life, and how important it’s become to me now. How it drives my feelings of success and failure as I hit the ups and downs of this journey. And the huge buildup of anticipation leading to this day.

I think it, ultimately, is going to be a big letdown soon.

FG-cover-latest-663x1024Let’s face it, after all the work you put in and all the anticipation of your first book launch, it’s simply got to be a letdown when the high passes, whether your expectations were met or not.

(This may not be true for people who hit the bestseller list on day one. I don’t ever expect to be in a position to speak from experience on that.)

I’m bracing myself for the fall. I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to be prepared. But it’s making me philosophical, not just about my writing career, but about everything.

What’s the point of it all? What does it mean? What’s it for? And why do I use so many parentheses?

I may never know. But 42 is a good enough answer for me.

You can find Leah online at, on Twitter at @leahpetersen or pickup her first book, Fighting Gravity at AMAZON

Review: Pleasure Thresholds by Patricia Tallman

FINAL_Pat_Cover_-_Front_OnlyReview: Pleasure Thresholds by Patricia Tallman


I’m a movie and television nut.

And I eat up ‘behind the scenes’ books like there is no tomorrow.

I’m also a crazy Sci-Fi fan—yes, I’m one of those.

So when the lovely and talented Patricia Tallman released her memoir from Babylon 5, I just had to have a copy. Called Pleasure Thresholds (from one of her character, Lyta Alexander’s most famous quotes from the show), the book is full of behind–the-scenes goodness of one of my favorite shows of all time.

But there is so much more.

There are hundreds of candid photographs (seeing the late Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas and Jeff Conaway brought tears to my eyes), an enclosed DVD with photos, videos, audio commentary and an interview with Pat conducted by series creator J. Michael Straczynski (Both Pat and Joe sign each copy of the book, by the way).

Beyond all the extras, there is Pat’s story. Written as if you joined her for a few pints in a pub, the conversational tone she takes with the reader is comfortable, witty and heart-felt. The business of Hollywood is daunting, tiring and certainly has its seedier side and Pat pulls no punches. You get her story, warts and all.


Some of my favorite highlights: 

  • Pat’s son is truly her pride and joy.
  • You understand how good a man JMS is despite the powers-that-be.
  • Her account of the reaction by Pat’s family to her first nude scene.
  • All about her Night of the Living Dead role and how she became Barbara.
  • The camaraderie and tensions on the set.

I could go on for hours. This 362 page book is chock full of all things Hollywood. And all things about one of my favorite redheads.

I highly recommend the read…I’ve gone through Pleasure Thresholds four times now. This is a wonderful tome for fans, Hollywood historians and industry followers alike.

I just wish all stars were this honest.

Thanks for sharing it all with us, Pat. Next time you’re in Boston, there is a dinner and drinks waiting.





PAT on Facebook



“You mentioned wondering what my pleasure threshold is. I recently found out…I don’t have one.” –Lyta Alexander






Upcoming Re-release of The Prodigal’s Foole

Quite a few of my followers have asked recently why The Prodigal’s Foole has disappeared from Amazon, B&N and other sites. I assure you nothing nefarious is going on!

I signed with the wonderful folks over at Pfoxchase on April 14th 2011. This was a one year contract that expires as of today. My wonderful publisher, Diane Nelson and I agreed a few months ago that we’d be going our separate ways. This was purely a business decision on both of our parts and we remain friends (and if I can pry Diane away from all her work and writing for a few hours, and upcoming Word Count Podcast will be featuring her and her latest release—it will be a great show so look out for it).

Above everything else, publishing is a business. Diane and I began as friends and remain so. But that’s because we made sure to handle the business portion of our relationship in a highly professional manor.

This is so important for writers to understand…while the work we do is creative in nature, writing for public consumption is supposed to be a money-making enterprise. I have a bit of an edge here as I’m about to start my 30th year in the business world. As Tom Hagen said in The Godfather: “This is business, not personal.”

Pfoxchase and I leave our relationship on the best of terms.

So hopefully this puts to bed the speculation.

Now, with Diane and her team’s help, The Prodigal’s Foole will be re-released on APRIL 20th as an independent title…something I’m totally psyched about!

I found a WONDERFUL cover artist by the name of Kip Ayers, and he and I worked on a completely new cover for the book. In fact, he and I will be working together again for book 2 of The Arcana Chronicles in the next month or so.

Next week, TPF will be back out at Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. The second edition will be FREE on Kindle for a few days, and I’ll shout to the heavens when it’s ready for download.

With all that said, I thought I’d debut the new cover for you today so you too can enjoy Kip’s work.  Oh, and the stunningly AWESOME and beautiful Pat Tallman of Babylon 5 fame gave me permission to use her quote on the cover. How cool is that?




FG-cover-latest-663x1024FIGHTING GRAVITY by Leah Petersen


I was privileged and honored to have been one of the ‘beta readers’ for Leah Petersen’s Fighting Gravity, so I watched the development of the story for some time.

Yes, this is a science fiction story. But the talented Ms. Petersen blends the fantastical with a well thought-out tale spanning the desperate slums in a future Mexico City to the brilliantly depicted palace entrapments that the initially impoverished Jake soon finds himself in.

The scenery is painted with a brilliance that is both subtitle and amazing. The plot is intricately woven into a tapestry that will grab you from the first chapter and not let you go.

But the shining star of Fighting Gravity is the detailed characters, their interactions and reactions. You get to know these people. You care for them. You celebrate their triumphs and cry at the tragedies.

The love story within has the feel of a real relationship, with all the passion, anger, joy and disappointments that a true love affair has.

Spectacularly told, I highly recommend Fighting Gravity—not just for fans of SciFi, but for readers who truly enjoy discovering a world for themselves.