The Month of July

BusyWell July is turning into a very busy month—just the way I like it!

Not only will the annual summer blog hop kick-off tomorrow (The first two week schedule is posted below), but of course July is time for my favorite of all conferences – ReaderCON.


The amazingly talented Leah Petersen will again be staying with my partner and I (which reminds me…Tina and I had better start cleaning up) and we are currently running through the schedule of events to see what we’ll be attending.


meandjimI’m also looking forward to reconnecting with so many friends I’ve made over the last few years at the conference. Authors Jim Morrow, Yves Meynard, Peter Dubé editor Marty Halpern along with many others.

I’ll be doing my “semi-streaming” conference updates so make sure you are following on Twitter and my author page on Facebook to keep track of the madness that is ReaderCON.

Along with ReaderCON, I have a months worth of special content coming up, provided to you be writers from around the world.  I’m still finalizing the second half of July, but coming up beginning tomorrow is a wonderful set of posts written to the topic:


“From the Front Lines: Authors of the 21st Century.”

It’s gonna be fun…I hope you’ll join me for a really hot July!

From the Front Lines: Authors of the 21st Century Schedule.

Date                          Author                         Topic

1-Jul                      Diane Nelson                   Writing THE END is only the Beginning

3-Jul                      D. Savannah George        Who started writing in the 20th

5-Jul                      Mecedes Yardley             Writing with Ferocity

7-Jul                      Monica Marier                  Thunderbolts and Laser Pens

9-Jul                      Tim Queeney                   Author Website Strategy

11-Jul                    Eden Baylee                    Write What You Know

13-15 July              ReaderCON                     RB Wood Conference Musings

Summer 2012 Blog Tour!

blogging_imageThis July, I’m hosting what is becoming a bit of a tradition.  A 250 word blog tour, and I’m looking for fellow Indie Writers to participate!

What’s the topic?

“From the Front Lines: Author’s of the 21st Century.”

Your experiences about being a writer, author or blogger (aren’t they sorta the same?) in this day and age.

Want to write about your querying experiences? Perfect!  A post on social media? Go for it! A commentary on the ebook revolution? Write it up!

Spaces are filling up for this July, but I really want to fill the entire month (except for my ReaderCON jaunt the 13-15 of the month where I will be ‘semi-live’ streaming the event) with the remunerations of my colleagues.

So what are the details?  Glad you asked:

RBWood’s annual blog-o-rama

Topic: “From the Front Lines: Author’s of the 21st Century.”

Length: 250 words or there-abouts

Sub-topic: YOU choose!

I’ll need your articles, a photo and your bio as quick as you can get it to me.  I’d like to publish the full schedule next week.

If you want to play, sent me an e-mail right away to ME@RBWOOD.COM with a few dates you’d prefer (if any preference), the subject of your article based on the topic and when you can get me the article, your bio and pic.

Looking forward to some fun!



Future of the Word Count

microphone-checkMy podcast, The Word Count has been running for a year and a half at this point.

The show was originally conceived as a show for writers were I’d chat with industry professionals and chat about all aspect of the business.

Episode three of the show became something different, which I’ve run with ever since. It was the first holiday special and I asked for ‘scary stories’ from writers to place in the show.

The reaction was overwhelming. Writers, creating original short stories and recording said stories for the show. All free, all for the listeners.

There have been over 5,000 download for the show ever since this new direction.

But lately I’m noticing a drop-off of downloads as well as submissions. Other than a few diehards (Eden Baylee, Matthew Munson and Bill Kirton to name a few), the interest in this free ‘cast seems to have moved on.

So the question of the day is this. Is it time to retire the show, change the format, add a cohost or what?

I’ve ALWAYS maintained that the cast would be free with no adds. Ever. I’ve had two companies reach out to me to incorporate The Word Count into their cadre of programming. But the terms were never acceptable.

It’s not a money-thing. It’s a sell-out issue. And I won’t do it.

So what do you thing the next phase should be? Stay the same, Change or Close the Show down?


Comment below.



On the passing of Ray Bradbury

RayNo question the passing of Ray Bradbury is a loss for the literary world.

There will be many-a-tome written in the next few days, weeks, even years about the marvelous works of the man described as “the writer most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into the literary mainstream”

To me, he was one of a handful of world-builders who breathed life in my desire to be an author.

The funny thing is, my introduction to Bradbury was via the somewhat cheesy television mini series The Martian Chronicles I saw back when it debuted in 1980.

Of course when I was a kid, I thought it was amazingly awesome. And I wanted one of those Martian gyro-copters!

But my older brother told me that the books were even better. So I read The Martian Chronicles.

Then I read Something Wicked This Way Comes. Followed by Fahrenheit 451, The Halloween Tree, Dandelion Wine and every short story I could get my hands on.

This lead me to Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and a boatload of other writers I still read to this day.

My imagination was ignited all those years ago. It still burns bright today.

With any luck, it will burn until the day I turn to ashes.

We’ll miss you, Mr. Bradbury.



The Word Count Podcast Episode 25 is LIVE!

After a much longer wait than I’d anticipated, the next episode of The Word Count is now available for your listening pleasure!

Remember: The show is FREE and always will be…so download this episode and past episodes today!  Oh, and tell your friends!

I’ve noticed since the rerelease of The Prodigal’s Foole I’ve pick up a number of new readers.  So indulge me for a second while I explain our game.

The Word Count is a show by writers, for writers and readers.  Each show is based on a unique theme selected by readers of this blog, and writers scrambe to put together a short story based on the theme and record it for your listening pleasure.

They do this for the pure joy of the challenge and to entertain folks with thier words.

To find the latest show, or to find past shows, Find them here:


iTunes (and remember, iTunes takes their sweet time in posting.  If you don’t see it yet, keep trying!):


The theme for this week’s show is: ” A scene between you and your favorite fictional character.”


Our guests this week:



Before taking early retirement to become a full-time writer, Bill Kirton was a lecturer in French at the University of Aberdeen. He’s written stage and radio plays, short stories, novels, skits and songs for revues, and five non-fiction books aimed at helping students with their writing and study skills. His five modern crime novels, Material Evidence, Rough Justice, The Darkness, Shadow Selves and Unsafe Acts are set in north east Scotland and his historical crime/romance novel, The Figurehead, is set in Aberdeen in 1840. The Darkness won the silver award in the mystery category of the 2011 Forward National Literature Awards and his spoof mystery, The Sparrow Conundrum, was the winner in the humor category.

He’s had radio plays broadcast by the BBC and the Australian BC.  His short stories have appeared in many anthologies, including three of the CWA’s annual collections, and one was chosen by Maxim Jakubowski for his 2010 anthology of Best British Crime Stories.

Writing as Jack Rosse, he’s published a novel for children called The Loch Ewe Mystery.

He’s been a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at universities in Aberdeen, Dundee and St Andrews.






Eden writes erotica incorporating all her favorite things: travel; culture; and sex. She enjoys weaving together stories with edgy themes, and sex is but one way to do it. Her first book, Fall into Winter, a collection of four erotic novellas, is currently available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites located on her website.

She is now working on her follow up anthology entitled Spring into Summer.

Connect with her via her Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.








Matthew had his debut novel (Fall From Grace) around the same time as RB, and was also very fortunate to be a beta reader on the Prodigal’s Foole (which, by the way, is awesome – buy it now!). Matthew is British and lives in a small town you’ve probably never heard of, but loves it all the same.

Aside from eating his own body weight in chocolate, his hobbies include reading, plotting ways to make a regular enough income from writing, and learning British Sign Language.



Website: and

Twitter: @mnwjm1981