Open for SUBMISSIONS! The Word Count Podcast Episode 26

The readers have spoken and after a six month break, a theme has been chosen for the next WORD COUNT PODCAST!

All caps must mean I’m a bit excited.

Before we announce the theme and post the guidelines, a little bit about The Word Count project.

I put together the podcast to feature writers (new and “old hands,” famous and just starting) as a way to get YOUR writing out there.  The show is simple; based on a prompt, you create an original short story, then record yourself reading it.  That’s it.  No ads, no hard sell.  Just a podcast with great stories.

Why do I do it?  It’s a hobby.  And I’ve been meeting wonderful authors through the show.  It’s all about networking and friendships.

The show has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times since it started, an average of about 500 per episode.  

Easy, fun and you’ll pick up a few more fans.

So…you’ll be needing the prompt and the guidelines then.  Right.



“Those last few steps seemed the most difficult I had ever made in my life.”

Submission Guidelines (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

DEADLINE: I must receive your submission by MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) Friday, 7 December
THE DETAILS: The work must be an original of yours. It could be a poem, short story, song—anything really as long as you write something based on the stated prompt (“Those last few steps seemed the most difficult I had ever made in my life.“) Do NOT exceed ten minutes. As this is a podcast, I need to receive a file of YOU, a friend or multiple friends reading (singing or otherwise performing) your work. MP3 FORMAT ONLY, and please attach your MP3 file to an e-mail or contact me for a Dropbox link.

Your submission should also contain the following (via e-mail):

  • Your pen name
  • Your latest bio
  • Links to your website(s) – Include your personal site, Facebook Fanpage etc.
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • A photo of you I can use for the show notes
  • Permission to use your recording in the podcast.

At the end of the recording, please add the following: “This is <YOUR NAME> author of <YOUR WORK(s)> and you’re listening to The Word Count Podcast
Send your file to by Friday the 7th of December. You can also e-mail me with questions before hand. I do reserve the right NOT to post your submission, but will communicate that to you should it be the case. I add the ‘Explicit’ tag to the ‘cast, so if your story uses adult themes or language that’s ok—but it should be necessary for the story.



You pick the prompt: The Word Count Podcast RETURNS!


After a bit of a hiatus, it’s time for The Word Count Podcast to return to the airwaves!

What IS The Word Count?  Has it been that long?  Well, dear sinners, allow me to explain.

The Word Count podcast is a free show.  It’s all about writers building a short story based on a prompt, recording said story and the ‘cast compiles the best of the submissions for a show hosted by yours truely. With 25 episodes in the can, 8,000 downloads and dozens of stories, this is a GREAT way to promote your work.


Subscribe to the show via iTunes.  


SexyAnd yes, it’s absolutely free.  And ad-free as well. It is all about the opportunity for authors to read one of thier own original stories for listeners to enjoy.  No tricks.  No gimmicks.  Pure originality at it’s best.

Guidelines are always posted when the call for submissions goes up.  But first, we need a theme.

Off to the left is a poll with five potential themes for the next show.  Which one wil it be?  Well unlike the recent elections in the States, your vote will determine the winner!  And you can vote once every 24 hours, so how cool is that?

The poll will remain open until Friday the 23rd of November.  Once the winner is selected, I’ll post the theme and the guidelines and submissions will officially open.

Simple.  Easy.  and loads of fun.  So please vote.  Get your friends to vote.

I’m R. B. Wood and you better believe I approve this message.


Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior

KarenIt is a sad reality in today’s world that here in the U.S. medical care is a major cost concern for most Americans.

I promise this is not a political post.  God knows I’m sick all the pundit mudslinging in 30 second spots that have invaded our lives for the past half year.

This is a blog about a woman who should’ve died, but didn’t.  A woman so filled with strength and life that, despite the odds, survived.  Something her husband and two little girls are very grateful for.

Recently I mentioned that a short story of mine had been picked up for an anthology.  But this soon-to-be collection of amazing stories by brilliant writers is more than words or tales woven for your pleasure.

It’s a fundraiser for fellow author and survivor Karen DeLabar.

This past summer, Karen contracted TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome, and is still undergoing treatment to this day.  As you can imagine, the medical bills are mounting.

Many of you have no idea how much this woman is loved and adored.  Not just for what she pens, but because of who she is.  I want to share a few quotes from fellow authors about Orange Karen:

Tess“There are aspects of this life we will never understand, forces beyond our human intelligence that will forever remain a mystery. Karen’s miraculous conquering of an illness predicted to take her young life is one such thing. She defied odds. She continues to defy medical expectations. How is this possible? If I were to guess, I would venture to say there are certain people made of something more formidable than others, something stern and tenacious and absolutely unwilling to give into darkness. This, in combination with her unwavering love for her young daughters, pulled her from the abyss. I stand in awe every day for this woman made of orange fire and silver steel as I watch her fight hard through pain and surgeries and physical therapy. I look forward to watching the rest of her life unfold, especially her work.”Tess Thompson

Quill“Karen and I met in Twitter Jail. We spent a long time in and out of the system. That sorta thing changes a gal. Two, three profiles to keep up with the Twitter habit. We wear Orange well. Friends in Twitter Jail; friends for life.”Quill Shiv

Christina_E“Karen has a strength and resiliency that is unfathomable. I can’t imagine how she endured, and is still enduring, all of her rehabilitation: hyperbaric chambers, amputation surgeries…She has done it all with gumption and grace. My heart goes out to her, her two young children, her husband and her family. When I heard what she was going through in the hospital and what she was going to have to go through in terms of rehab, I just wanted to do something – anything – to take just one ounce of her pain and suffering away. I’m not a doctor, I don’t have a trunk full of pain patches, but I can write. And if my story can bring a smile to Karen’s face and let her know that she is loved, then I’ll feel I was able to help somehow.”Christina Esdon

shay“I am one of those old souls that believes in miracles. And Karen DeLebar is a living, breathing example of one. Not just for surviving an infection that would have killed most anyone else, but because she has retained her sense of humor and that spark of life that says ‘I refuse to give in!’.”Shay Fabbro

GlennI was sitting in a virtual bar somewhere in the south pacific. It was a Friday night. I was sitting at the piano bar listening to “a candle in the wind” when I was interrupted by a snortle and a laugh. I turn to find a young pantless redhead rising from her bar stool. I still remember the way her hair glistened from the moonlight. She turned to the bartender and shouted “Another Glinlivet on the rocks” to this day those words still send shivers down my spine. I screamed “no” as I rushed for the bar. I pulled the bottle from the bartender’s hand just in time. I grabbed her glass and tossed out the ice. I turned to see fire in eyes of the orange haired lass, she was no ordinary pubaholic, she was something more. I quickly filled her glass and extended it to her. “By all that is holy and scotch, try it straight” I shouted. She snatched the glass from my hand and swirled it under her nose. She brought the glass to her scowled lips and hesitated. The way she finally downed the shot brought tears to my eyes. I waited and watched as a smile came to her face. Three bottles later we were friends. As she rose and headed for the door, her hair still glistening in the moonlight, I shouted, “Wait what is your name?” She glanced back and said Karen, Karen DeLabar”Glenn Skinner

Tim“If you’ve ever been on an offshore sailing trip in stormy conditions, you’ve seen it: mental toughness, inner strength, grit. When the waves grow to scary heights and the wind shrieks through the rigging, some people lose their nerve. But other folks become resolute, determined. They know the boat needs a steady hand to get through the storm. They hang tough and do what must be done. Recently, Karen found herself caught in an epic storm. Supported by the stalwart crew of her husband and her girls, Karen showed her grit. She brought the ship back to port with strength and good humor and love.” – Tim Queeney

This is a very small sample.  There are more…loads more.

There is an open submission for this anthology.  The theme is simple: Orange.  I ask writers out there to head over to the link below to read, review and write to the submission guidelines.  The deadline is 15 December.

Many have already sent in stories.  Christina Esdon is organizing the submissions and is generally running the show. Jennifer Gracen, Quill Shiv and Susan Ethridge have donated their prodigious skills as editors for the anthology.  Kip Ayers (the cover artist I use for The Arcana Chronicles) is donated artwork for the cover.  What we are looking for now are great story donations.  If you’re a writer, consider putting pen to paper.  On social media, I would appreciate it if this article was shared across the net.

We want to produce an anthology worthy of a warrior.