First lines–Pick the prompt for the next WORD COUNT PODCAST!

guy-head-down-on-laptopBad Prose alert!


The next Word Count Podcast (episode 32, if y’all are keeping count) has five pretty horrendous first lines to choose from.  And YOU, dear sinner, get to pick the line that the Word Count Irregulars will use to start thier tales.

I’ve setup up a poll off to the left with a choice of FIVE starting lines.  You know the drill—vote for your favorite by making a selection and clicking on the “vote” button.  Remember to check the results to confirm your vote counted as sometimes the interwebs are as touchy as a menstruating cougar.

WAIT.  You don’t KNOW what the Word Count Podcast is?  Well, read ON dear sinner!


What is The Word Count Podcast?

It is a free broadcast by writers for writers.  Simply put, a theme for each show is announced via this site, Twitter and Facebook and writers are given a week or two to write AND RECORD their stories based on said theme.



Why not, says I.  It’s a great way to practice writing and public speaking.  It’s another way for writers to get their work “out there.”  And I love to meet fellow authors and have a blast putting the show together.  It’s just that simple.

 Now for the voting!

 Again, to the LEFT, I’ve posted five potential prompts for the next Word Count.  The poll will remain open for the weekend, and close out midnight the 3rd of July 2013.


I think there are a few good ones to choose from…so vote often an early and get your friends to help YOU pick the theme for the next Word Count!