ReaderCON 24 – It’s Coming…

ReaderconlogoIn less than a week’s time I’ll be attending the only writerly conference I’ll be able to get to this year.

I’m talking about, of course, ReaderCON.  ReaderCON 24, to be exact.

I’ll be writing my daily semi-streaming blog during the con (for past con coverage see here and here).

2012-07-15_11.41.08I love getting together with writers—we are a weird bunch and it is the only time out of the year where I can embrace what I want to be—a full time storyteller.

In past ReaderCONs, many friends have joined me.  Leah Petersen has actually stayed with my wife and I a couple of times in order to attend.  And two years ago a group of the old ‘Pubwrite’ team descended on the con—inclusive of the lovely Karen Delabar to whom the ‘Orange Karen’ anthology I was a part of was dedicated to.

Old friends will be back—Peter Dubé, Liz Gorinsky, Yves Meynard, Glenn Skinner, James Morrow, and many others will be on hand and I can already taste the bourbon and hear the laughter.

It is, for the most part, a wonderful experience.  Last year’s issues have been corrected—and addressed.  At least to the point that I look forward to this and future ReaderCONs.

meandjimThat aside—the excitement builds.  I’ve checked off the panels and parties I want to attend and maybe—just maybe—I’ll find my writer mojo again and get my next book out this year.

After the blog, there is the blurb from The Young Practitioner (Book 2 of The Arcana Chronicles) so make sure you hound me to finish…

Anyway—next weekend I get to be a writer fulltime.  I like those weekends.





Fame is a deadly mistress.

Symon Bryson has rejoined his magic practitioner friends, only to find himself in virtual lockdown after multiple assassination attempts from unknown assailants.

While members of his team are traveling the world in search of Lucifer’s whereabouts, Symon is left to deal with a mother and her young son seeking the sanctuary of the Church.  But when the boy shows signs of dangerous and formidable magic, the search for clues to the source of the child’s power will take Symon on a dark and deadly journey from the sands of World War II Libya through to the boardrooms of the 21st century.

When all that stands between Heaven and Hell is magic, more than faith will be tested.









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