Planning for ReaderCON

rbwood2013Picking out the panels and things I want to do at ReaderCON is a bit like a good war plan.  As soon as the action starts, the plan is out the window.

The Thursday evening program is free to the public and usually I take the opportunity to listen to a few readings.  But this year there are two panels that have caught my eye.

Namely The Absent Children of Urban Fantasy (led by the rather talented Shira Lipkin—someone, after reading a few of her short stories, I’m looking forward to meeting), and The Nuances of POV (led by James Patrick Kelly whose Strangeways mag is worth a read).

But, after a long day consulting, I’ll probably show up at the pub (assuming it’s open as construction has been threatened) run into a friend or two and end up ‘pinting the night away.’

Pinting.  I just made that up. It’s royalty free, ladies and germs.

I love this conference—and I love how this weekend inspires writing for months to follow.  That’s the plan anyway.

More to follow.

Peace, love and hair grease.

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