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111GhostWith less than a week ago and ReaderCON 24 fading into the sunset (For my full con post, go HERE), I wanted to ‘remind’ folks that I’m still accepting submissions for episode 32 of The Word Count.  Eden Baylee and Bill Kirton have sent in thier stories already…

Now I want to hear from you!

Repost below…

Once again the polling has surprised me!

I really think I love seeing what people want to hear our Word Count Irregulars put together.  Awkward sentence, yet SO bloody true.  And speaking of bloody, let’s anounce our prompt for the next show!

“Being dead can be quite liberating…”

Allow me to provide a little background about the show. I put together the podcast to feature writers (new and “old hands,” famous and just starting) as a way to get YOUR writing out there.  The show is simple: based on a prompt; you create an original short story and then record yourself reading it.  

That’s it. No ads, no hard sell.  Just a podcast with great stories.

Why do I do it?  It’s a hobby.  And I’ve been meeting wonderful authors through the show.  It’s all about networking and friendships.The show has been downloaded over 15000 times since it started, an average of about 500 per episode.  

Listen to past shows HERE or you can download/subscribe via iTunes.

Easy, fun and you’ll pick up a few more fans. So…you’ll be needing the guidelines then.  Right


Submission Guidelines (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)


DEADLINE: I must receive your submission by FRIDAY 19 JULY, 2013 (I’m giving you all an extra week as I will be attending ReaderCON the weekend of the 13th).

THE DETAILS: The work must be an original work based on the prompt (“Being dead can be quite liberating…”). Do NOT exceed ten minutes. As this is a podcast, I need to receive a file of YOU, a friend or multiple friends reading (singing or otherwise performing) your work. MP3 FORMAT ONLY, and please attach your MP3 file to an e-mail or contact me for a Dropbox link.Your submission MUST also contain the following:

  • Your pen name
  • Your latest bio
  • Links to your website(s) – Include your personal site, Facebook Fanpage etc.
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • A photo of you I can use for the show notes
  • At the end of your recording, please add “This is <state your name> author of <state your work(s)> and you’re listening to The Word Count Podcast”
  • Permission to use your recording in the podcast.

Send your file to me@rbwood.com (or via the dropbox link I can provide) by 19 July 2013. You can also e-mail me with questions beforehand. I do reserve the right NOT to post your submission, but will communicate that to you should it be the case.I add the ‘Explicit’ tag to the ‘cast, so if your story uses adult themes or language that’s ok—but it should be necessary for the story. 


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