Can I Write off 2013 Yet?

I’m writing this on the 23rd of December—what would have been the 38th birthday of a woman my wife and I miss & love so very much. Happy birthday Jeannine—you are always with us; and we with you.


The Entire Crew Who Walked in Memory of Jeannine

For some reason I feel that this marks the full circle of what I’m calling “The Year from Hell.” It began with my father going into hospital with kidney cancer this time last year. The subsequent months would see a long health struggle for dad, the waning of Jeannine, multiple family deaths & diagnoses, bad jobs, and absolutely no desire to write at all.

It has been a helluva year. I have to say, I’m going to be very glad to see the backside of 2013.

See, that negativity right there. That’s part of the problem. And that’s my New Year’s resolution. Stop being negative. Start finding and doing what makes me happy. Because the rest of what happens is just a part of life—and I can either continue to wallow in it, or put my big-boy pants on and stop with the crap.

Let’s be honest, I have a roof over my head, everyone remaining in my family are healthy, I have a good woman as my partner and I’ve never gone hungry—although my bathroom scale is politely suggesting that I could miss a few meals.

My children are thriving.

So, this 12 month malaise that has washed over me has to go. Because I’ve got a lot of goals next year and depression is exhausting.

I need to find a new gig in January. My daughter graduates from Catholic school in 2014. I want to start writing again in earnest. And I need to will continue to get healthy.

After all, 2014 is the year I turn 50. No time like the present to get my act together.

And Jeannine…well. She wouldn’t have taken any of my shit. She would have told me to walk it off and get back in the game.

Great advice.

Happy Christmas and New Year’s—may this holiday season bring you warmth and comfort and may 2014 be the year we all kick some serious ass.