Stranger at Sunset


StrangeratsunsetReviewer note: I received an ARC from Ms. Baylee.

Having read some of Eden Baylee’s other works in the erotic genre; I am used to her superb storytelling and masterful character development. “Stranger at Sunset” removes Ms. Baylee from her comfort zone as this is her first thriller—and I call it that because the work is a masterful suspense-building piece. Beginning with a voyeuristic experience, the stage is set for the coming together of characters at a Jamaican resort post hurricane damage where lies, secrets, sexual tension and intrigue.

Ms. Baylee breathes life into a bevy of well thought-out characters embossed with character traits we all have. From our deepest insecurities, to our relationships with friends and potential lovers, the tapestry of traits and flaws are woven into a suspenseful plot that builds intensity to the surprising climax.

The details of Jamaica and the resort are flawlessly woven into a tale with such realism I felt I was there experiencing the dinners and privates conversations. Ms. Baylee’s marvelous tendency to write strong and deeply passionate female leads is realized in the perfectly human (and brilliant) heroine Kate Hampton.

With each new release, Ms. Baylee’s craft improves—and this foray outside her normal genre is a shining example of a well written and well-crafted story. Brava!

I am also VERY happy to announce that Ms. Baylee will be my guest on the upcoming episode 42 of The Word Count Podcast!  Stay tuned!



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