The Word Count Episode 49 Now Accepting Submissions!

Just got back from an amazing trip to Barcelona, Spain.  Freaked out a little when I toured the Picasso Museum, pressed play on the English translation MP3 player and hear–what I thought– was WCP Irregular Bill Kirton’s voice taking me through the various phases of Picasso’s painting life.  I subsequently found out later (from the man himself) that it, alas, was not Bill.

Picture this man explaining Picasso.  Only Eden Baylee writes better Erotica.



But my trip to Spain has inspired the three word prompt for episode 49.  Those three words?  All in good time, dear sinners.  But first:

As we continue our march toward the seminal Episode 50 I’m soliciting ideas for the big show…so send me your thoughts on that.  Should it be a “Best of?”  Should we include Author interviews?  Should everyone record their stories naked (Like I always do)?  Who knows…email me or tweet me.

In the meantime, for those unfamiliar with the show…

The Word Count Podcast is truly one of my joys. I direct, produce, write and host the show—and also come up with the various themes our writers—The “Word Count Irregulars”—use to create unique and brilliant stories.

All for the listener and lovers of great storytelling.

There are no endorsements…no paid stories.  It’s all done for the love of the written word.  And downloads are always free.  Always.

The only thing I ask is a little help via social media to point folks at the show.

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There are forty-eight shows available right now!

But I digress. Episode 49 and those three little words you’re waiting for:


Barcelona. Tapas. Flamenco.


2015-06-12 09.06.11THE WORD COUNT EPISODE 49

Submission Guidelines (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)


DEADLINE: I must receive your submission by FRIDAY 3 July 2015 by MIDNIGHT Eastern time.

THE DETAILS: The work must be an original work based on the key words:

“Barcelona. Tapas. Flamenco.”

Do NOT exceed SEVEN minutes.

As this is a podcast, I need to receive a file of YOU, a friend or multiple friends reading (singing or otherwise performing) your work. MP3 FORMAT ONLY, and please attach your MP3 file to an e-mail or contact me for a Dropbox link.

Your submission MUST also contain the following:

  • Your pen name
  • Your latest bio
  • Links to your website(s) – Include your personal site, Facebook Fanpage etc.
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • A photo of you I can use for the show notes
  • At the end of your recording, please add “This is <state your name> author of <state your work(s)> and you’re listening to The Word Count Podcast
  • Permission to use your recording in the podcast.

Send your file to (or via the dropbox link I can provide) by 3 July 2015. You can also e-mail me with questions beforehand. I do reserve the right NOT to post your submission, but will communicate that to you should it be the case. I add the ‘Explicit’ tag to the ‘cast, so if your story uses adult themes or language that’s ok—but it should be necessary for the story.

I’ll only be accepting SEVEN stories this time—so get moving!


Tales of Magic and Misery

Mand MAwhile back, I had the privilege in announcing I’d signed on with Ragnarok Publications Who want to publish my Arcana Chronicles series (Once I finish book 2, that is). Co-owner, editor-in-chief and all around great guy, Tim Marquitz himself signed me on.

Tim, along with his already full plate, is also an author–and a damn fine one at that.  He writes the critically acclaimed Demon Squad series, wrote the Blood War Trilogy, is co-author of the Dead West series and has numerous anthology and standalone novels to his credit.

Just this week, he has released a collection of his short stories called Tales of Magic and Misery. Along with his collection, he has also inclined short stories by C.L. Werner, Armand Rosamilia, Nathaniel Connors, Adrian Collins, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, N.X. Sharps, Daniel Weaver, Amanda Shore, Glenn Hefley, Chris Garrett, GR Matthews, and J. Cameron McClain.

Oh.  And a short by me.

Portents is a prequel to my novel The Prodigal’s Foole, and takes place in Dublin, Ireland five years before Symon Bryson’s fateful return to Boston.

If you like Dark Fantasy and Horror, you really should pick this one up.  It’s a ghoulish tome chock full of goodies to keep you going for days.

Brilliant stuff, Tim, et al.  Thanks for including me in your collection.

Pick up Tales of Magic and Misery now available at Amazon!