Pre-gaming Readercon 27


This will be my seventh Readercon.

All my followers (both of you) will know that last fall I had a series of unfortunate events that continued through the death of my dad in March, my cancer diagnosis, and subsequent radiation treatment (NO gorram superpower, by the way.  What a gyp!).

Oh. Never mind.
Oh. Never mind.

“What does this have to do with Readercon Pre-gaming?” the two of you may be asking yourselves. To which I would reply “How did you two get out of the locked basement?”

Or, to provide a less disturbing answer: “Everything.”

See, I wasn’t going to go to Readercon this year. Yes, I adore the conference (if you need proof, see here.  And here.  Aaaaand herehere, and finally, here) and  this year it’s even closer to my house than ever,

Yes. I’ve kept the badges. Don’t judge.

Part of the cognitive damage that occurred last fail was caused by a cluster of strokes. Physically there has been only a slight impact.  But   there have been some subtle personality changes, not the least of which has to do with a dislike of crowds. And guess what a ‘Con consists of?

My Neurologist and other medical type professionals have encouraged me to go. My wife is encouraging me to go. They all said it would be good for me.

So. I’m going. I am excited to see friends.  I’m interested in a lot of the panels they have in store for us. I’m going to get a lot of writing done. I’ll do my semi-streaming blog, as usual. So I’ll need to pack the Mac and the iPad.

Perhaps I should go get a new hat, too. See y’all in Quincy.














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