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The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 27 October

Steve_and_meWhat a wonderful way to wake up this morning!

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a fantastic review from a writer you respect.  In this case, The marvelous Sci-Fi author STEVE UMSTEAD has posted his 5 star review of The Prodigal’s Foole!

Head over to his reviw page to read it.  These are the days, as a writer, that make the toil and effort all worth it.


Here is the link:


The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 25 October

Chris_ObamaThe Magical Mystery Blog Tour continues today with an interview over on “I Must Be Remembering the Future” with fantasy author Christopher Blanchard!  Head on over for a read, and a few links to where The Prodigal’s Foole can be purchased…

And a reminder I’m still accepting submissions to the Second Annual Halloween podcast.  For guidelines and details click over to THIS LINK


Thanks Chris!  His site is HERE:

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 23 October

bill_KirtonThe Magical Mystery Tour bus has traversed the Atlantic Ocean to stop in the UK with voice-over artist, wonderful friend and fellow Pfoxpub author, Bill Kirton!

Head over to his blog, “Living, writing and other stuff” to see why social media is a double-edged sword for me. And While there, check out some of Bill’s wonderful books such as The Sparrow Conundrum, The Figurehead and the very recently released Shadow Selves (the fourth novel in his Jack Carston series).

Here’s the link and enjoy!


The next stop on The Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus – 21 October

Release day approaches!!shay

Only TEN more days until The Prodigal’s Foole is officially released.

I have 25 copies of the book that arrived a couple of days ago. I still can’t believe launch as almost here.

With Ten days left, the next stop on the Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus is with the amazingly talented SHAY FABBRO and her site “The Immortal Words of Dr. Fab

Enjoy the interview!


Head here:

Another review for The Prodigal’s Foole

JDRobinsonWell, isn’t this nice!

Fellow Urban Fantasy author J.D. Robinson has posted her pre-release favorable  review of The Prodigal’s Foole!  She’ll be joining me in November for a very special event as a part of the Magical Mystery Tour–a Google+ Hosted reading of a bit of the book.  Head over to her site, J. D. Writes, to read the review and RSVP to the G+ event as spaces are limited.

Thanks J.D!

Read and RSVP:

Look ahead-The Magical Mystery Blog Tour Week One!

I’m getting SO excited!

The Prodigal’s Foole comes out (as of this writing) in only SEVENTEEN DAYS!

In celebration for the release of my first novel, beginning this weekend I’ll be kicking-off the “Magical Mystery Blog Tour!”

Beginning on the 15th of October, I’ll be wandering around various websites of fellow authors and friends.  They’ll be interviews, pre-release riews of the book, vLogs, Blogs and all sorts of fun activities.  I hope you’ll wander the internet with me as this vitual tour commenses!

Week One Look ahead:

15-Oct  Lakisha Spletzer — vlog

16-Oct Lakisha Spletzer-Part 2 — Guest Character post

17-Oct Monica Marier — Interview/review

19-Oct Suzy Turner — Interview and excerpt

21-Oct Shay Fabbro — Interview

Thanks to all who are participating!

In the meantime, in case you missed it, here is the trailer for The Prodigal’s Foole: