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The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 6 November

jgouldWe head back down under for today’s Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus stop and spend a bit of time with JONATHAN GOULD at his blog “Stories that Stand Out from the Crowd.”

I write an piece about what outstanding writing means to me and the most thoughtful comment to today’s article will win a FREE ebook copy of The Prodigal’s Foole.

Head on over to read, comment and potentially WIN!

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 5 November

MercedesToday, the Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus circles the strip in search of parking, tickets for “O” and that one blackjack table that will pay out.

Yes we are in the city of adult fun and escapades, Las Vegas visiting with SFWA member, writer and editor of Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted, MERCEDES M. YARDLEY who offers up her review of The Prodigal’s Foole and a rather funny picture of yours truely.

You can find it on her site, A Broken Laptop by clicking here:


The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 4 november

Sessha_w_tattooWe stop nearish to the capital of the US in our brightly colored tour bus today as a part of The Magical Mystery Tour!

I hope all the shiny colors don’t make the nations stuffed-shirts nervous…especially since we are hanging with homoerotic writer, artist and designer, SESSHA BATTO!

I’ve written up a piece for her on the making of The Prodigal’s Foole trailer.  Chech it out at Sessha’s Author’s on Show website.



Here’s the link:

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 3 November

LP_BandWThe tour bus continues with a stop back with the talented and rather awesome LEAH PETERSEN again this week as she posts a rather funny interview as a part of her 5MinuteInterview series.  


Check it out here:

I’m having WAY too much fun with this tour but eventually I’ll need to get on with book two…



The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 2 November-UPDATED

EmmettNot only does The Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus head thousands of miles away, it’s actually heading into summer at our destination!

Yes, today we are in the land down-under.  Our stop is with fellow Urban Fantasy author and comic book aficionado EMMETT SPAIN writer of the  London City Novel series.

I do a quick  “6 Words or Less” interview with Emmett, and he reviews The Prodigals Foole on his London City Blog.

Check it out:




AlWell, we have a double-dip tour today!  Along with our stop in Australia, we also stop in New England with author AL BOUDREAU Who also interviews me and posts his 5-star review of The Prodigal’s Foole.  Stop over to his WordPress Site to have a read.

Al’s site is here:

Thanks to both EMMETT and AL for their reviews!  Time spent with both is time well spent!

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 1 November

leah_and_meThe Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus is staying over night down south!

A day after launch for The Prodigal’s Foole, I’ll be hangin’ with LEAH PETERSEN who posted a marvelous review of my book yesterday (Find it HERE) and whose very popular micro-writing competition, #5MinuteFiction, runs today.

See, I’m sticking around, not just because of Ms. Petersen’s southern hospitality, but because I’m the JUDGE for 5MF!

So sharpen your writing skills folks, because the winner of todays competition will win a copy of The Prodigal’s Foole!

5MinuteFiction happens every Tuesday at 1:30 PM Eastern Time!

24 hours before Launch- The Magical Mystery Blog Tour

eb_newweb_picTwenty-four hours before the official launch!

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour bus heads north to chilly Canada to visit with writer EDEN BAYLEE this fine day.  Heaters on the bus are not needed, especially if you’ve ever read Eden’s work.  Wordsmith of fine erotica, and contributor to the Word Count Podcast, Ms. Baylee weaves words into the most sensuous and enticing narratives.  Her anthology Fall into Winter is a must-read.

Today, she takes her smoldering, simmering pen and offers up both an interview with me (as a part of her Inside the Author’s Mind series) and a marvelous review of The Prodigal’s Foole.

Please head over and read both:

Beginning today and running for the next week or so, any of my followers on twitter, I would LOVE it if you found away to use the hash-tag:


I want to see if we authors and readers can impact the ‘trends’ on Twitter, and quite frankly part of my global launch will be a conversation with all of those using the tag through-out the day tomorrow!

24 hours to go…

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 29 October

LisaStullThe heat is ON!

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour picks up a full head of steam starting with a post at L.M STULL‘s site (a letter from Symon Bryson – the protagonist of The Prodigal’s Foole)

We’ll be going around the world for the next week so make sure you stay tuned as the launch date for the first novel of The Arcana Chronicles launches in just TWO DAYS!!

The tour bus stops in Canada tomorrow with author EDEN BAYLEE who reviews TPF and posts an interview with yours truely, and on Launch day we spend time with LEAH PETERSEN for the first of three blog stops (one of which includes my return stint as a judge for #5MINUTEFICTION on Tuesday).  The bus continues on to a lovely spot ‘down under’ with Aussie author EMMETT SPAIN (a fellow Urban Fantasy writer) then spends time traversing the United States with thriller author, AL BOUDREAU, SFWA writer and poet MERCEDES M. YARDLEY and the lovely and talented writer and artist, SESSHA BATTO.

On MONDAY 31 OCTOBER (Launh day!!) I’ll be holding an internet-based “eLaunch” where I will be asking all my friends on Facebook, Twitter and around the net to help me get the word out about The Prodigal’s Foole.  On twitter, we’ll be using the hash-tag #TheProdigalsFoole as much as possible, Facebook will have links and stories, and of course the 2nd Annual HALLOWEEN PODCAST for the Word Count will be released which will include a reading from the book!

Crazy week ahead…so please head over to L.M. STULL’s site today to kick it all off!  Click HERE:’s-foole-a-letter-from-symon-bryson/

And as always, my thanks to my followers, readers and fans for all your support!


The Magical Mystery Blog Tour – 27 October

Steve_and_meWhat a wonderful way to wake up this morning!

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a fantastic review from a writer you respect.  In this case, The marvelous Sci-Fi author STEVE UMSTEAD has posted his 5 star review of The Prodigal’s Foole!

Head over to his reviw page to read it.  These are the days, as a writer, that make the toil and effort all worth it.


Here is the link: