Here comes ReaderCON 22





Coming up this week is the only conference I’m able to attend this year – ReaderCON.

It’s my favorite of all the conferences—not just because it’s local to me in Boston, but also because– despite the large attendance– it has an intimate feel to it. Both the famous and unknown in the writing world (and of course I fall into the latter category—for the moment. 😉 ) get to mingle, listen to a myriad of panels dedicated to the craft of storytelling/writing and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s intense, exciting and unbelievably educational.

Last year, I attended for the first time. The only person at the conference I’d met prior to attending the conference was James Morrow—the award winning Science Fiction author.

Along with time spent with Jim, I made a lot of friends last year. I hope to reconnect to those folks when I get to the Burlington Marriott.

But this year will be different for two reasons.

One, because I know people who are going. People I met last year as well as friends I’ve made in the writing world since I attended last years’ con.

And two, because I’m no longer a ‘wannabe’ but a ‘soon to be published’ author.

Three days in the company of fellow writers. Been looking forward to this all year.


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