The Word Count Episode 16 Prompt: YOU Decide!

It’s time to vote on the next prompt for The Word Count podcast!

Off to the left, you’ll see the five choices…you know the drill.  Vote on your favorite, tweet about the voting and get as many folks as you can to help select the theme for the next podcast.

Voting will remain open until WEDNESDAY 27 JULY

Please pass this around all your social media outlets…






The potential prompts:

  • In a Chinese Restaurant, you open a fortune cookie that says “Your life is in danger…tell no one…”
  • Your character suspects his/her husband is having an affair and decides to spy on him. What she/he discovers is not what he/she was expecting…
  • Your boss at work is blackmailing you…
  • While camping, you hear a scream in the woods late one night…
  • You pick up a hitch-hiker one night…

You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet-related activities.



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