Deliciously Dark–My review of Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

30522020Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing

Anthology Edited by:

Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward

Forward by:

Richard Chizmar


Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

I keep reading that “the Horror genre is dead.” Obvious pun aside, Gutted:Beautiful Horror Stories deliciously drives a stake in that theory. One of the best anthologies I’ve read in a while. I would be remiss if I didn’t first give credit to editors Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward for another superbly crafted collection of stories (as an aside, check out Shadows Over Main Street, their Lovecraftian anthology).

The stories within do exactly what true horror should–tear at the soul. From Stephanie M. Wytovich’s opening poem that sets the tone for the entire work, to Brian Kirk’s tale of abduction and parental love; through Mercedes M. Yardley’s extreme love story and Richard Thomas’ “Repent…”

Look. It’s simple. Every story in this anthology is horrifyingly gorgeous. Other reviews break down a story by story commentary, check those out if that’s what you need. For me, Gutted was a few hours of reading enjoyment followed by days of emotion, reflection and a dark desire to read more of the same. I picked up the paperback version because Caitlin Hackett’s cover and Luke Spooner’s interior art are a stunning compliment to the works within.

If you like dark, then pick up a copy. But be warned…these stories will haunt your dreams well after the reading is done. And that’s just as Horror should be.

Check it out on Amazon.



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