And so it begins…

No, this is NOT a throw-back Thursday picture of me...
No, this is NOT a throw-back Thursday picture of me…

It was five minutes after the last dish had been scrubbed on Thanksgiving when Christmas made itself known in our home.

“Ah, there it is. My house. And good old Cleveland Street. How could I ever forget it? And there I am, with that dumb round face and that stupid stocking cap. But no matter. Christmas was on its way.

Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas…around which the entire kid year revolved.”

The first, of what will be MANY showings of A Christmas Story had begun.

Spent the last few days relaxing–my children (although at 20 and 16 years old, they can hardly be called children any more) were in Boston for a week.  No writing got done–but there was a ukulele concert given by my daughter and we all saw Dr. Strange (awesome) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (also awesome–author Anton Stout posted on FB that “Fantastic Beasts was the best Doctor Who episode he’d ever seen” and my son and I agreed).

Doctors appointments–the “Never Ending Saga of Pain”–continued as well.

So Today (Tuesday) is catch up on business, chores and finally getting back to he writing.  I have some work on Scoundrels to do for Emmett and of course I need to finish up Act 2 of Empress. The final edits for my Christmas Nightmares story are done and that anthology comes out in two weeks.


Holidays are always wonderful, but it’s now time to get back to the writing. Two deadlines loom in December…and they seem way closer this side of Thanksgiving.


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