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Bayou Whispers–Early Reviews!

A few reviews are trickling in from the Advance Release Copies of the novel we sent out. First up, though, the Press Release went live up at PRWeb and is beginning to grab attention:

Thriller writer R. B Wood announces his latest Book Bayou Whispers which tells the story of a strong female lead and survivor…

And a few reviews. One from Sean M. Sanford at Horror DNA:

The bayou. It’s a world within worlds. Some good things; some bad…

And another from Ashley Perkins (Psibabe) at Game Vortex:

Bayou Whispers by R.B. Wood revolves around Jeannine LaRue…

I’ve been recording interviews like crazy and have a fairly booked schedule through May. This experience is so amazing…and I hope you all join me for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Bayou Whispers on 29 April at 8 PM Eastern on FaceBook Live!

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