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Bayou Whispers Launch Event (29 April 2021)

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“A horror thriller with long kept secrets, dark family legacies, and New Orleans’s mysterious magic, Bayou Whispers is a fast-paced read, a page turner for sure, that kept me intrigued. A few surprises rounded out the end nicely.” —Debbie Christiana, AMAZON Review

“Set in new Orleans the horror starts straight away and continues to ramp up throughout the book. An exciting mix of horror and supernatural.

I loved the depth of the characters and the intricacies of the storyline. Such an interesting and creepy tale.

Definitely a great read” — AMAZON Review

“R.B. Wood wants to drag you down into the dark and tell you a story in hushed whispers about horrors, supernatural darkness, and the dark path of a survivor being drawn into the deep, mysterious secrets of the Bayou. You should go with him. It will be a ride you won’t soon forget.

I know I won’t.” —Emmett Spain, GOODREADS Review

“Bayou Whispers is a great book with many layers to both its plot and its detail. It casts a whole shipload of wonderful (and wonderfully fucked) characters, including some entities taken straight from Haitian folklore, and the history of the South. Like the ghost ship, Sultana, having risen from the afterlife wearing her scars of America’s worst water-faring disaster, along with her more than 2,500 casualties acting as guardians of the agenda for a malevolent Haitian god.”–HorrorDNA GOODREADS Review

“Wood wrote a compelling tale steeped in New Orleans flavor and dark magic. The characters are colorful, likable, and altogether a triumph.”–Mercedes M. Yardley, Stoker Award-winning author of Little Dead Red

“Bayou Whispers is a haunting, touching novel that blends the horrors of everyday life with that of the supernatural. Tapping into the tension and setting of films like Angel Heart and True Detective, this is a hypnotic story told from a place of loss, community, and resolute hope.”–Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Thriller Award nominee, Breaker

“Wood’s Bayou Whispers is a sublime cocktail of horror, supernatural thriller, and urban fantasy, where the mythos of voodoo clashes with the modern day. Fans of Jim Butcher and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will love this.”–Todd Keisling, author of Devil’s Creek

“The secrets in BAYOU WHISPERS unwind like a line of music. But it’s the music that plays just before the monsters jump out.”–Sarah Read, Stoker award-winning author of The Bone Weaver’s Orchard

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