Return of the Blog Hop



front-linesWell, ReaderCON 23 is over and it’s back to normalcy.

(Check out my notes from the con HERE but start at the bottom of the post and read up.)

That means it’s time to get back to this years blog hop “From the Front Lines: Writers of the 21st Century”

Tomorrow we’ll be getting back into the groove with a post from Heikki Hietala entitled “Short Story is the New Black.”

In the mean time, you can catch up on the posts so far and, of course, the full schedule is posted off to the left.


AUTHOR                                 LINK

Diane Nelson                         Writing THE END is only the Beginning

D. Savannah George              …Who started writing in the 20th

Mercedes Yardley                 Writing with Ferocity

Monica Marier                       Thunderbolts and Laser Pens

Tim Queeney                         Author Website Strategy

Eden Baylee                           What You Know

Heikki Hietala                         Short Story is the New Black