The Month of July



BusyWell July is turning into a very busy month—just the way I like it!

Not only will the annual summer blog hop kick-off tomorrow (The first two week schedule is posted below), but of course July is time for my favorite of all conferences – ReaderCON.


The amazingly talented Leah Petersen will again be staying with my partner and I (which reminds me…Tina and I had better start cleaning up) and we are currently running through the schedule of events to see what we’ll be attending.


meandjimI’m also looking forward to reconnecting with so many friends I’ve made over the last few years at the conference. Authors Jim Morrow, Yves Meynard, Peter Dubé editor Marty Halpern along with many others.

I’ll be doing my “semi-streaming” conference updates so make sure you are following on Twitter and my author page on Facebook to keep track of the madness that is ReaderCON.

Along with ReaderCON, I have a months worth of special content coming up, provided to you be writers from around the world.  I’m still finalizing the second half of July, but coming up beginning tomorrow is a wonderful set of posts written to the topic:


“From the Front Lines: Authors of the 21st Century.”

It’s gonna be fun…I hope you’ll join me for a really hot July!

From the Front Lines: Authors of the 21st Century Schedule.

Date                          Author                         Topic

1-Jul                      Diane Nelson                   Writing THE END is only the Beginning

3-Jul                      D. Savannah George        Who started writing in the 20th

5-Jul                      Mecedes Yardley             Writing with Ferocity

7-Jul                      Monica Marier                  Thunderbolts and Laser Pens

9-Jul                      Tim Queeney                   Author Website Strategy

11-Jul                    Eden Baylee                    Write What You Know

13-15 July              ReaderCON                     RB Wood Conference Musings