NaNoWriMo – Day 8

R. B. Wood

Former technologist, world traveler, & storyteller.

Starting Word Count: 12997

T1Only a couple hundred words written yesterday–but what an amazing day! Took some amazing photos–specifically of the T system in Boston (and others that would be more spoiler-ish, so I won’t post those).  I have a scene in mind where my protagonist is attacked on the Green line when the train is out of the tunnels and trading the streets.  I also did a tour of some of the abandoned tunnels and stops for a later scene. Traveling the T lead me to some very interesting parts of Boston and spawned a few more ideas–even went as far as the Aquarium and the Blue line.

FullSizeRender-3Research is so important when writing urban fantasy set in a real city.  I’ve always found that when the setting is spot on, it grounds the more fantastical elements of a story.  And, although word count was impacted, it was well worth the time spent. Spoke to a few train fanatics and explained to them what I was writing about.  I guess my “sales pitch” was pretty good–that couldn’t wait to help me explore the T–both what’s operating today and what’s been lost to time.  I’ll be crediting them in the forward to The Lost Empress, assuming I get the book done, of course! Hopefully all the ideas born from my journeys yesterday will keep the momentum of the first week going.  I’m excited about the direction I’m running in, so hopefully, when completed, will the readers.  They’ve waited a long time for The Prodigal’s Foole sequel.  I really want to ratchet up the tension in book two–and the train components, and who Symon meets because of the trains will have a lasting impact on the series.


Hoping to make up some lost word count today!