Pre-gaming ReaderCON 26

R. B. Wood

Former technologist, world traveler, & storyteller.


This will be the sixth year I’ll be attending ReaderCON.  Held in the Burlington Marriott, outside of Boston (and about 15 miles from home), the conference has been my absolute favorite of anything I attend as a writer.

I always try to post my daily experience with friends, panels, and updates on the various wackiness that goes on.  If you are interested, some of my past posts on ReaderCon can be found:

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I look forward to ReaderCON every year.  As many of you are “part-time” writers yourselves, you’ll understand that this weekend is special. It’s my little slice of the year when I am a full time writer.

It’s glorious.

As a little primer, I’m including the full reading of Scott Edelman (a friend and a bit of a mentor to me–but don’t tell him that) sharing with us his short story And the Trees Were Happy.


Here is Scott and I being totally serious and stoic: