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ReaderCON Issued a public statement on 5 August, which you can read here:

Public Statement by the Readercon Convention Committee

But criteria below has been met and I’m seriously thinking about making an inquiry to join one of the committees outlined in the statement to help move the con back to a safe place to gather.


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I need to take a moment away from the ongoing blog hop to address something that’s been really bothering me for a few days.

For years you have all read about my love for the ReaderCON conferences I’ve attended.  The people I have met, the friendships that have been forged and the unbelievable amount of knowledge I gained over each three-day period has been worth my time and my money.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as you well know.  Unfortunately, some have not.

I’m speaking of the sexual harassment incident this year I only found out about a couple of days ago.

ReaderCON policy states that:

Readercon has always had a zero-tolerance harassment policy.

Harassment of any kind — including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions — will not be tolerated at Readercon and will result in permanent suspension of membership.

As always, Readercon reserves the right to strip membership at its discretion.


See that “Permanent Suspension” phrasing?  Yeah, that’ll be important in a sec.

The details of the incident are all over the internet and I’ve included a fairly comprehensive list linked below.  But apparently the offender was only banned for two years, which is far less than “permanent.”

I have friends who have been harassed.  I’ve personally pulled a “Sonny Corleone” on a Jack Wagon who tried to force a woman I was dating at the time into a car (it involved a garbage can lid and that’s all you need to know).

And to give a two-year ban to someone, just because he’s a “popular” fan and an organizer of cons himself is in violation of policy and deplorable to boot.

Are the facts of this case different than what I’ve read?  I don’t know…I didn’t witness what happened first hand.  But I know personally people who did or know the victim in this case.

When a policy is posted, then waived or bent in favor of someone just because of who he/she is, well that’s an epic fail.

I’m awaiting a proper public response from the folks who run the con.  But let me say this.  Under no circumstances should that behavior EVER be tolerated.

What I want to see is an apology and a permanent ban of the “creep.”  To start. 

Then I’ll see if ReaderCON 24 is in my future.

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