The Word Count Episode 47!

R. B. Wood

Former technologist, world traveler, & storyteller.

Welcome to Episode 47 of “The Word Count” podcast!

Creating the show was a breeze this week with four amazing original stories built around the three word theme of “Theater, Tourist and Savory.”

Getting ready to post when I discovered my main site – had had it’s Joomla CMS hacked.

Totally my fault. I didn’t keep up with the updates because I was planning to port the site over to Word press to coincide with my book releases from Ragnarok…it was a grand plan that failed miserably.

Thus this temp site while I work out the details and swear a lot.

While I curse behind the scenes, I hope you all enjoy the latest show which is rather good and is the bright spot of a rather entertaining Sunday

But before we introduce our cadre of writers, a bit about the show:

What is The Word Count Podcast?

It is a free broadcast by writers for writers. Simply put, a theme for each show is announced via this site, Twitter and Facebook and writers are given a week or two to write AND RECORD their stories based on said theme.


Why not, says I. It’s a great way to practice writing and public speaking. It’s another way for writers to get their work “out there.” And I love to meet fellow authors and have a blast putting the show together. It’s just that simple.

Okay. Where can I find it?

You can listen to the latest podcast below, subscribe via iTunes or listen at the show’s site. 

Direct: (and remember, iTunes takes their sweet time in posting.  If you don’t see it yet, keep trying!):

Our guests this week:

C. Thomas Smith “Le Starbucks Douche”

Inside my brain is wet. Feel me ROAR!

Ten Questions with Chris

(Now sponsored by Satan, for all your infernal needs. Hail Satan!)

Eins – Chris, why are you so amazingly awesome?

Its possibly genetics or magic, many reasons have been put forth by scientists over the years. The prevailing theory is that I am awesomeness anthropomorphised, but I wouldn’t say that, it’s too big a word. Rather, I’d simply say that I’m just better than the rest of you peasant folk.

Zwei – Who would win a shark or a hedge-pig?

Depends, is it a variegated hedge-pig or a lesser spined laser eyed infinity hedge-pig with armour. You people need to be more specific. Sharks do indeed have big teeth but I’ve never seen a hedge-pig go bathing so that would mean the battle is on land and presumably quite a distance from the sea . . . I would win.

Drei – Some day you will be our Overlord, will you be just and fair?

Not a chance mate.

Vier – What is the most dangerous substance known to man?

Easy, sticky buns.

Fünf – The United Nations wants to turn your beard into a World Heritage Site, how do you feel about that?

I’m a little concerned actually that it may affect the beards eco system. At present it represents the breeding ground for seven species of rare marine bird, two tree dwelling mammals, a pack of velociraptors and a tribe of part man, part machine pygmies who have yet to be told their singing sucks. Also the beard likes to sneak out at night and kill cats. In the end it all depends on what assurances the UN will offer me, that and the huge piles of cash that I expect.

Sechs – What would be a fitting punishment for George Lucas?

Tie him to a chair and make him watch the 1978 Christmas special followed by those three, those, those, ugh, ehh, uargh *sound of intense retching follows for the next nine minutes* them frittata goats piss, god damn it. Now I’m upset, you happy guy, you made me sick. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Ah, fuck you people. *Drops the mic*.

Chris Smith is now available for children’s parties and wakes. Hail Satan!

Twitter = @KRSTVR

Web =


 Kadin Seton “Guardian Unseen” (Read by M. M. Tosen)

Kadin Seton enjoys creating tales that combine strong characters with science fiction undertones.  Kadin lives in the rolling hills of western New York with her dire wolf (at least he thinks he’s a dire wolf).  When she is not writing, Kadin continues searching the Finger Lakes Wine County for another fabulous red wine. Author of the series: Eye of the Draco

Twitter: @Kadinseton




M. M. Tosen “Gastronomique”

 M.M. always had a love of reading and books from a young age. So much so that his mother had to limit how many he could read or he would not get sleep. This developed into writing stories, musings, (attempted) poems, and an affinity for the arts and music in general. He has always had a passion to write and is steadily being encouraged again by those around him.

M.M. currently lives in the northern part of New York where he works and lives and is fond of the weekends when he can write and binge-watch Netflix movies.

Twitter: @MMTosen



Eden Baylee “Morning Ritual”

Eden Baylee left a twenty-year banking career to become a full-time writer. She incorporates many of her favorite things into her writing such as: travel; humor; music; poetry; art; and much more.

Stranger at Sunset is her first mystery novel, on the heels of several books of erotic anthologies and short stories. She writes in multiple genres.

An introvert by nature and an extrovert by design, Eden is most comfortable at home with her laptop surrounded by books. She is an online Scrabble junkie and a social media enthusiast, but she really needs to get out more often!

To stay apprised of Eden’s book-related news, please add your name to her mailing list.

Connect with her via her website | blog | twitter @edenbaylee | facebook