The Word Count Episode 31 is LIVE!



Welcome to Episode 31 of “The Word Count” podcast!

I really do need a separate site for the podcast—DSGJ!  I need you!!

The show was a bit delayed (seems to be the story these days…ba-DUM-bum) due to life reasons, but we’re back on track now!

This week, four of the “Wordcount Irregulars” join us for the reader chosen theme of “THE THIEF.

But before we introduce our writers, a bit about the show:


What is The Word Count Podcast?

It is a free broadcast by writers for writers.  Simply put, a theme for each show is announced via this site, Twitter and Facebook and writers are given a week or two to write AND RECORD their stories based on said theme.  It’s fantabulous, if I do say so myself.  And I do.


Why not, says I.  It’s a great way to practice writing and public speaking.  It’s another way for writers to get their work “out there.”  And I love to meet fellow authors and have a blast putting the show together.  It’s just that simple.

Okay.  Where can I find it?


You can listen to the latest podcast below, subscribe via iTunes or listen at the show’s site.





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Our guests this week:


eden_at_benmcnallyEden BayleeOne Stolen Night

Eden Baylee writes literary erotica and infuses erotic elements into many of her stories. Incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on, her brand of writing is both sensual and sexual.

Her latest release is a book of erotic flash fiction and poetry called HOT FLASH.

SPRING INTO SUMMER is her second collection of erotic novellas and the companion piece to her first book, FALL INTO WINTER.


Connect with her via her websiteblogtwitter @edenbayleefacebook


AngelicaAngelica DawsonBlue Moon House – Kitten

Angelica Dawson is the author of Blue Moon House, a Vampire BDSM novella, as well as contributor to the third Campus Sexpoits Anthology and the first Serviced Anthology. As an environmental consultant, she is no stranger to blood sucking hordes, but finds they are more often mosquitoes and black flies than vampires.

Twitter: @angelicadawson




Krstvr_White_IC. Thomas SmithVolume 36c – Meta

Wait what, I wrote something. I don’t remember doing that. I remember thinking about it. I remember having a conversation with my brain box but then . . . oh schnitzel fuck!

I, yeah.

Mum says I’m a very talented, “Writer”. My English teacher for the last four years of school once said, and I quote, “Smith, stop playing with that and pay attention”. I’ve never forgotten those words. That’s how come I can write them down. My influences include, sugar, imaginary friends (Hi Stabby Hands), inconsistent drug use as a teen, my Uncle Joe sitting on my head when I was a baby, my little sister trying to murder me with a van when I was seven. Some of my favourite things are jabbering, ruining TV for people by loudly criticising whatever is on, asking people to lower their music, scowling at teenagers and arguing with pets regarding the veracity of eighteenth century French philosophers.

I am C. Thomas Smith, and I apologise for this message.

Twitter = @KRSTVR

Web =


AntonioAntonio AngeloA Simple Misunderstanding

Antonio is the super secret identity of Brad O’Neill who is really bad at keeping secrets.  Antonio writes things that would get Brad in trouble and that is why he is confined to live out his entire existence on the internet and is never allowed to pass over into the physical realm where Brad lives happily with his wife and daughter and is currently in the process of completing a science fiction novella with a touch of spice– and we aren’t talking Dune here.

Twitter: @antonioangelo21

Book location: