The Word Count Episode 9 – “Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica”



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This week, I work with the good folks at Pfoxmoor Publishing and the Pfoxchase imprint to bring you selections from their recently released Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica publication!

I interview the Creative Director, Diane nelson then jump right into a small selection of spicy stories…so open a bottle of wine, put a log on the fire and give a lisen with your significant other to stories most passionate.

Definitely an NC-17 cast!




denred-resizedDIANE NELSON – Creative Director & Author

After a thirty year career as an analytical chemist and technical writer, Diane Nelson turned to writing fiction full time. Her first novel, Dragon Academy, was released in June 2010, followed by Dancing in the Dark which she edited and contributed a short story, Dance Macabre, and Mounted Exercises in July 2010. She edited another anthology, Flashes Through Time, out now in eBook format and slated for print release Fall 2010. Diane also writes as Nya Rawlyns. Her novella, Sculpting David, will appear under the Red Sage imprint. Shadow of This World, written in collaboration with Denyse Bridger, Chris Ledbetter and Joann Hamann-Buchanan, will be released by XoXo Publishing.


Twitter: @Diane_Nelson



T.L Tyson is a non-drinking, non-smoking, vegan from Canada. Her hermit-like existence allows her to delve into her writing without worrying about someone knocking at her door. Sleep is a rarity for her and she spends the night hours conjuring up new characters and thickening plots. She is constantly being lead in new directions by demanding personas and quirky ideas. Her writings cover a broad range of themes and genres, from YA urban fantasy to sea-faring historical fiction. If you catch her without her laptop, you may find her curled up reading a book or expanding her music knowledge.

She has been writing for the better part of her life. Everything started in her grade five creative writing class when she wrote a short story about Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark. As it turns out, it ended up being a thirty-six page story and, though her teacher appreciated her efforts, he considered it grossly over-written. She is still trying to curb this habit. After a bout of writing bad poetry through her more angst riddled teenage years, Tyson settled into her groove with novels.

Her novel, Seeking Eleanor, is the first installment in her book series, The Sought-After Series. Seeking Eleanor was started in 2004, but was shoved to the side to deal with more pressing matters (working in a music shop and going to concerts). In September 2008, she picked her idea back up and three months later had her first very rough draft. She is still working on perfecting it and has learned editing is a long and twisting road that seems to have no end.

Since Seeking Eleanor she has completed three other novels: From The Tower (the second installment in The Sought-After Series), Bare, and The Reign Of Billie Blackwater. While she edits these, and hopes to find a home for them, she is working on a few other ideas, hoping to complete them this year.


Twitter: @TL_Tyson


Noelle started writing fiction in 2009, when a story crept into her head and wouldn’t leave. Since then, she’s lost countless hours of sleep writing into the early morning hours because more stories wanted to be written. Her novels are historical romance, but her short stories include romance, mainstream fiction, and erotica. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with photo-editing software to make book covers and movie-making software to make book trailers. Anything to keep from doing housework.


Twitter: @noellepierce




S.A. Sayuri: Savannah Aiko Sayuri started a journal before she dropped out of high school, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in many countries and led many lives. Her favorite things to read are The Bible and Anais Nin.



Sessha_w_tattooSESSHA BATTO

Sessha turned to writing full time two years ago after a twenty year stint in video production editing, scripting and creating motion graphics. Her first novel Strength of Will was released in November 2009. Her short story Wintersong is included in Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica. Her latest offering, Shinobi, is currently out on query. More information and sample chapters can be found on her website


Twitter: @Sesshabatto