The Word Count Episode 24 is now LIVE!



Welcome to Episode 24 of “The Word Count” podcast!

A smaller show this week with the theme: “The urn you picked up in a garage sale still contains ashes…”

Three stories and three talented writers join us this week!

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Our guests this week:


kimmydon2shrunk2KIMBERLY GOULD


Author of Cargon: Honour and Privilege, mother of a five year old with imaginary friends and wife to her non-imaginary husband. She is now working on her follow up anthology entitled Spring into Summer.


Connect with her via her Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.



Twitter: @kimmydonn


plumer-photo.JPGCARL PLUMER

Carl earned an MA in Creative Writing from Stony Brook University. His short stories have appeared in The Book Times Blink | Ink, Black Lantern Publishing,                                                                              The Foghorn Magazine, Girls with Insurance, Static Movement, and elsewhere.



Twitter: @carlplumer






“I lost my mind some time ago and am putting up a fifty cent reward for anyone who finds and brings it back, fifty one cent for anyone who squishes it mercilessly. It looks a lot like a walnut / cephalopod hybrid and answers to the name of Trixie. Approach with caution. Or just throw rocks at it from a safe distance.”


Twitter: @KRSTVR